about olitt


Olitt is a product of Cloudoon Inc.

Cloudoon Mission

Getting Businesses to Succeed Online.


A Brief History of Cloudoon

After years of providing cloud hosting solutions, Cloudoon realized the most important problem that had to be solved was getting businesses online.

Cloudoon is a dedicated team with a sole mission of getting businesses to succeed online in the emerging markets.

Our Core Values:

1.    Customer-Centric

We focus on the Customer and deliver for the Customer.

2.    Integrity

We are people of unquestionable Integrity.

3.    Teamwork

We are a Competitive Team.

4.    Embrace Change

We are always getting better.

5.    Passion

We are burning with Passion.

6.    Leadership

We are Curious and Brave to Shape the Future.


Enable everyone and anyone to create a website they are proud of.