How To Join Olitt Affiliate Program

Olitt affiliate program or associate program is an arrangement with the provider [Olitt] through which the affiliate [client] gets paid for marketing Olitt website builder.  This involves sharing unique links through channels such as email, social media platforms, mobile, and web applications.   Do you want to make extra cash with […]

How to integrate Pinterest to you Olitt website

Pinterest is an image sharing and social media platform that enables users to save and share images, [to a small extent ] videos and animated gifs. Pinterest’s home feed page contains a collection of pins from users, boards and topics followed. This post [ commonly referred to as pin ] […]

How set the price of a product on your Olitt website

Online stores contain price-tagged product(s) from which individuals can purchase their goods and services. The price tag enables buyers to budget prior to purchase, providing convenience required by customers. Usually, the price can be static or dynamic. The variation in price can result in various reasons such as market forces, […]

How to embed LinkedIn post to your Olitt website

LinkedIn is a social media platform that enables sharing posts including blog, videos, professional profile, content marketing posts etc. The process of sharing these posts is similar to that of Facebook and you are less likely to experience problems integrating this service if you are conversant with Facebook or Linkedin […]

How to integrate Google map to your Olitt website

Google Map is a web mapping service maintained by GOOGLE.  This can be used to announce the geographical location of your business to your clients while affording the customers expense of opening new browser tabs and following the numerous steps. This shortcut provides convenience. Olitt provides an easy-to-install google map […]

How to integrate YouTube with your Olitt website

Youtube is a video sharing platform managed by Google. Youtube enables users to upload videos to their account that are viewed by the public. Youtube hosts massive video content and users can reference this content to their sites, blogs or mobile application. The youtube videos are often displayed in third-party […]

How to embed Facebook post to your Olitt website

Facebook posts are messages that are sent on special delivery. Usually, the user writes content on their page or wall and the message is visible to the followers. Sharing these posts may help you expand your business territory or reach a greater target group. Facebook provides an API that you […]

How To Add SlideShow To Your Olitt Website

SlideShow recycles element either vertically or horizontally.  Olitt enables you to add the horizontally sliding images to your site through the slideshow integration. You can add up to a maximum of 5 images. Slideshow helps you maximize the space on your site while creating a great impression to your site […]