Introduction to Olitt Template

 Template Features The template top bar has the following icons. Let’s go through what each button does: #Olitt home Button: use this to view the dashboard. #1 Button: use this to restore changes to  reversing your last action (un-do) #2 Button: use this to restore changes after reversing your last […]

DNS Management

DNS stands for domain name system. This is a process used to convert the human-read domain name to a machine-readable address (ID) very unique in the website server stored. The DNS acts as an internet phonebook to the website. All devices connected on the internet use a unique IP address […]

Olitt Dashboard Features

#1 WEBSITE  This is the default tab of the dashboard It shows all your website associated with your account.  #2 New Website This option enables you to create a new website with a simple click. Once you click on New website; The site redirects you to step 1 of creating […]

How to Create Olitt account

To start with Visit You will be prompted to either create a free website or have an account option For a new user click create a free website Choose the name of your website Select the category of your website From the available template select one Connect your website […]