How To Add MailChimp Contact Us Form To Your Olitt Website.

Forms are some of the basic means to capture information from users on your website. However, creating this form is sometimes hectic. MailChimp helps you create a contact form using their form builders and provides an interface through with you can plug in this forms to your site. Often, Users can add the form by embedding a code to their website or using URL generated by MailChimp.

To integrate your Olitt website with MailChimp contact form is even easier. You can add the form to your Olitt website as website plugin. Just like the other plugins, you need to generate the necessary information [in this case URL] from your MailChimp dashboard.

This guide is divided into two sections; URL generation and activating the plugin. Each section contains individual steps to follow. If you have contact form already and URL, feel free to skip to section 2.

Section 1: URL generation

This is the primary step where you need to create a form to integrate to your site.

Step 1: Access your dashboard.

Login to your MailChimp dashboard. Provide your credentials to be authenticated. If you don’t have an account, you can click on “create an account” at the top of the login page. On successful authentication, you are redirected to your dashboard.

 Step 2: Create your contact form

From your dashboard, select audiences (third item on the left navigation menu). This will open a new menu to its left. Select signup forms and click the “select” button on the contact form as highlighted below.

Step 3: Customize the template form

You can build you desired form from the template by hovering a cursor over the template and select edit. Click next button at the top left to complete the customization.

Step 4. Register your site URL.

After completing the above steps, you need to register your website URL or domain name with MailChimp to connect.

Enter the URL and accept the terms.

Step 5: Copy the form URL

From the review page, you can copy the form URL at the bottom of the page before you publish the form. This is needed to complete section 2.

Section 2: plugin activation

As noted earlier, you can only add this form to your Olitt site as a plugin.

Follow the steps below to activate the plugin.

Step 1: 

 Open a new tab on your browser and log in to your Olitt account.

Step 2:

From the “my website” page, click the more (…) options and select plugins. Ensure that the website you selected matches with the one add on MailChimp dashboard.

Step 3:

From the list that appears, scroll down and locate “MailChimp contact us form”.  Click on Expand.

Paste the URL and click the connect button to complete the process. You should now be able to see “connected” green text. 

That is how to add the MailChimp contact us form.

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