How To Integrate JIRA Support Desk With Olitt Website

Customer support is one of the key elements that should always be incorporated within your site. Often customers will contact you for clarification, service inquiry, or any other issues that they need your response.

Timely feedback improves customer satisfaction and strengthens the bond with your client. Also as a business, there is a need for an organized way to handle all the incoming inquiries.

Just like a normal help desk, Jira support desk (now Jira service management) empowers your team to deliver quality service and ensures both your client and team get the help as quickly as possible.

Once you create a website with Olitt, integrating with Jira is simplified into a few steps that involve copy & pasting of few details. To achieve this, you need to generate the details from Jira portal before connecting it with your website.

To simplify the process, I have broken the whole process into two:

1.     Generate the details from Jira portal

2.     Add the details to your Olitt site

Let’s get started!

Generate the details from Jira portal

This is the first step you need to perform.

The platform provides users a way to create details that they can use to interact with their services. To be able to connect your Olitt website, you need to generate the data key, data-base URL, and SRC.

Step 1.

First, you need to create an account.

This achieved through the user inputting into the form field or registering through third-party services such as Google. 

The screenshot below shows some of the fields.  Yoursite field indicates a field where you enter a unique site name you can access your services.

The will send the email with the URL you can use to log in to your account. You can click on the link.

Step 2

Now that you have your base URL, you need to create a project.   

From the top navigation of your homepage, click the projects dropdown, and select “Create project”.

This will prompt you to enter the details of the project.

These include the project name, the key (though you can edit) derived from the project name, etc.  Once you fill in all the fields you can click create to finish. provides an update of the details. To update, select the project and click on the details on the left side.

Alternatively, you can open the edit page through the more (…) options in the respective project.

Add the details to your Olitt website.

This is the last process you have to undertake to integrate the service.

Now that we have generated the details, we need to add them to Olitt website. But where do you think we‘ll add them?

 Follow the steps below to complete the process.

Step 1.

Login to your Olitt account.

You will be prompted for credentials. Provide the required credentials to be authenticated.

Step 2

From the “my website” page, click the more (…) options and select plugins.

Step 3.

From the list that appears, scroll down and locate “Jira support desk”.  Click on Expand.

An input form that looks like the one below will appear.

Fill in the form with the data-key, yoursite URL generated earlier. The SRC represents the avatar that you can edit from the portal. Click Connect to complete the integration.

If you entered the details correctly, you will see a message similar to the one below.

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