How to integrate your Olitt website with is one of the most successful free chat platforms with over 4 million users relying on their services. It helps you add liveliness to your website by enabling you to send and receive messages from your clients in real-time.

 It also offers statistical information and helps you monitor user activity on your website in real-time. You can monitor user activity such searches within your knowledge base, how often they visit your site and track their entire path within a website. help maintain complete chat conversations and review of responses.

There is more benefit that you can leverage by having this platform integrated with your site. To help you implement flawless communication, features such as live chat ticketing, a knowledgebase, and video add-ons are also added.

To integrate this platform with your Olitt site is easy as ‘ABC’. Its a process of just copying and pasting a form input field and you are ready to connect. But first, we need to retrieve the key from

Note: You need to create your Olitt website to be able to integrate with

Step 1. Access the dashboard

Login to your dashboard. You’re required to input your credentials to be authenticated. If you are not registered, you can click on create a free account.

During registration, you are required to provides additional information in a 4 step process. This includes your property name and the property URL name.  These are the most important fields. The ticket forwarding email, property ID and JavaScript API are automatically generated for you.

Step 2 Retrieve the key

Here you need to retrieve the key. On your dashboard, scroll down and click on the add-on tab on your left navigation. This will open another vertically scrolling menu and content to the right. Click on the Overview menu tab to open the overview page. Here, you can update the site name and URL.

To get your key, scroll down the page to the JavaScript API section.

Copy the key to your clipboard. 

Step 3. Add the key to Olitt.

Open a new tab on your browser and log in to your Olitt account.

From the “my website” page, click the more (…) options and select plugins. Ensure that the website you selected matches with the one added on dashboard.

From the list that appears, scroll down and locate “TawkTo”.  Click on Expand.

An input form similar to one below will appear.

Paste the key obtained in Step 2 and click connect to complete the process.  After completing the process, you should be able to see a message like one below.

Your site is now integrated with


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