How to sell on Facebook shop using Olitt Online shop


Have an active olitt online shop

Have an active facebook account

  1. Login on your olitt dashboard to manage the online shop
Olitt dashboard

2. Select the preferred shop you wish to link to Facebook shop

3. Click manage shop to start the process to link

Manage Olitt online shop

4. Select products section

5. On top left hand side, click Sell on Facebook button

Sell on Facebook from olitt online shop

6. A pop up page appears showing Login to Facebook account

Login to Facebook Account

7. Click Login with Facebook button and login with your facebook account credentials

8. Select Facebook catalog as Business Manager

Business manager selection

9. Click link provided so you can be redirected to configure shop on Facebook

Facebook commerce manager

10.Click Get started on the new window displaying Sell on Facebook, Instagram or both

11. Select create shop and Click Get started

Create Facebook shop

12. Select facebook and click next to proceed with set up

Facebook shop set up

15. Select check out from another website so customers will be directed to your online shop to make payment.

Set up Facebook shop payment method

16. Click Next to proceed with settings

17. Select your Facebook page if it already exists by clicking the Show all accounts button.

If there is no existing Facebook page, Click Create a New Page as guided below

Create Facebook Page

18. Select category, enter business name and address details

Business settings for Facebook page

19. Click create Page button to save details

20. You will be redirected to your new page created.

21. Click Next

22. Select your business account to use if it already exists.

    OR Create a business account by Clicking Create a New business Account

Create a Facebook Business account

23. Click Next button to save details

24. Select preferred region to deliver goods

Select a region to deliver goods

25. Save selections by clicking next

26. Preview the details entered for your business

Filled in Business details on facebook shop

27. Accept seller agreement by ticking the checkbox

28. Click Finish set up button

 Your olitt online shop is now successfully linked and can sell on facebook shop.

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