How to sell with online shop on your Facebook Catalog

Login to your Olitt dashboard  Click Manage on your selected online shop Select Products Select sell on Facebook button Login to Facebook using your account details. Select Business Manager from the options provided. Click the link provided to be redirected. Under the commerce manager, select Get started 9. Select […]

Olitt affiliate program

Olitt affiliate program or associate program is an arrangement with the provider [Olitt] through which the affiliate [client] gets paid for marketing Olitt website builder.  This involves sharing unique links through channels such as email, social media platforms, mobile and web application etc.   Do you want to make extra cash […]

How to Create Olitt account

To start with Visit You will be prompted to either create a free website or have an account option For a new user click create a free website Choose the name of your website Select the category of your website From the available template select one Connect your website […]

The Ultimate Database of Customer Service Quotes

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