How to sell with online shop on your Facebook Catalog

  1. Login to your Olitt dashboard 
  2. Click Manage on your selected online shop
  3. Select Products
Online shop products menu
  1. Select sell on Facebook button
  2. Login to Facebook using your account details.
  3. Select Business Manager from the options provided.
  4. Click the link provided to be redirected.

  1. Under the commerce manager, select Get started
Facebook Commerce manager

9. Select the Create a Catalog option

Facebook catalogue choices

10. Click the Get started button to proceed with set up.

11. Select catalogue type as E commerce

Setting up catalogue on Facebook

12. Click Next

13. Select Upload product info.

14.Select the Catalogue owner as your business account.

Alternatively, set the catalogue owner as personal if no business account exists.

Catalogue settings on Facebook

15. Add the preferred catalogue name

16. Click the create button to save the information.

17. Now your catalogue is successfully created.

18.Add items on your catalogue and request Review on Facebook.

Add items/products on your catalogue
Fill in product details required for your catalogue

Click update to save product details on catalogue.

Repeat the procedure for all your products as guided on video.

19. Request Review for your products by clicking request review at the bottom of the page.

20. Once a review is successful, you can sell directly from your online shop with Catalogue.

21. To sell from your online shop, return to online shop dashboard

22. Click manage shop and select products to sell on your Facebook catalogue

23. Click Post products to Facebook catalogue

Post to catalogue from your online shop

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