Olitt affiliate program

Olitt affiliate program or associate program is an arrangement with the provider [Olitt] through which the affiliate [client] gets paid for marketing Olitt website builder. 

This involves sharing unique links through channels such as email, social media platforms, mobile and web application etc.  

Do you want to make extra cash with no starting capital? 

Then the Olitt affiliate program is your perfect side hustle. Olitt provides an opportunity to grow together. 

How do I join the Olitt affiliate program?

It’s a simple process. 

All you need is to create a general account with Olitt. 

Once you create an account, log in into “my websites” page. From the left navigation [desktop view], click on “refer a friend $ earn $100” menu item.

You can share the unique link to social media platforms by clicking on your preferred platform. 

Also, if you wish to share the link in a customized way, such as on a website or mobile application, you can copy the link.

On the same page, you can view the number of users who clicked your link and your accumulated earnings below the link section.

How does Olitt affiliate programs work?

Olitt affiliate program provides 20% commission of the first purchase made by a customer via your link. 

Olitt provides a unique link to each affiliate through which they can redirect traffic from your site or any other platform. 

Once these clients make a purchase, Olitt tracks and accumulate the commission for you.

For instance, if a client purchases an Olitt life plan of $59,  $11.8 will be accumulated to your account automatically. This implies that the more purchases made via your link, the more you earn.

How do you claim your earnings?

Affiliates can collect the earnings by issuing a request to Olitt. Upon receiving the email, olitt verifies the request and the payment is processed. 

You can always initiate the payment request from your account.

Click on “request withdrawal” button at the bottom of the page. Select your preferred email client from the popup window. 

This is the handy way as the receiver email, subject and message are auto-filled for you. 

What’s the maximum accumulated earning?

Olitt does not define the ceiling. You earning is effort-based hence not limited. Affiliate are encouraged to redirect more traffic for high earnings.

Is Olitt affiliate program worth investment?

Absolutely yes. 

Olitt offers one of the highest and guaranteed commission. Also, the platform is one of the fast-growing brands with massive features reflecting user demand. 

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