What is a DNS A record?

The ‘A’ stands for ‘address’ and this is the most vital type of DNS record, and shows the IP address of a given domain. For example if you pull the DNS records of Olitt.com, you will see the ‘A’ record currently showing an IP address of:  Ideally, ‘A’ records only hold Ipv4 addresses, in cases […]

How to connect Google Analytics with Olitt Website

Once you’ve successfully created your website with Olitt, the next step is promoting it to your potential readers. The truth is, you don’t have a website if no one is reading or visiting it. To avoid that, consider doing the following to drive traffic to your website: ·      […]

Guide to Olitt Affiliate Dashboard

You earn a 10% affiliate commission every time someone buys from your link (forever). What does that mean? Well, it means that you will earn a commission for the entire time your referral is our customer. For example: John clicks through your link and buys from us, say he spends […]

How to Buy a New Domain on Olitt

Here is the thing: You do not need a domain name to create a website on Olitt.com. All you have to do is head to www.olitt.com and start the website creation process. Don’t worry, you will be done in under 10 minutes. How? Simple. You do not need any coding […]