How to integrate your Olitt website with, is a free chat platform, that boasts over 4 million users who rely on its services. It injects vibrancy into your website by facilitating real-time messaging with your clients.

This versatile tool not only enables live chat but also provides invaluable real-time statistical insights into user activity on your website. You can monitor searches within your knowledge base, visitor frequency, and their entire website journey. ensure seamless chat conversations and review of responses.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Integration with your site opens doors to enhanced communication features such as live chat ticketing, a knowledge base, and video add-ons.

Integrating with your Olitt site is a breeze. It’s as simple as copying and pasting a form input field. The first step is to retrieve your key from

Get ready to take your website to the next level with’s powerful chat capabilities.

A. Access the the dashboard to retrieve the widget Code (When you don’t have an account with

Login to dashboard. You’re required to input your credentials to be authenticated. If you are not registered, you can click on Create a Free Account.

Step 1. Create a free account with

Step 2. Fill in the name of your website and URL

Step 3. Copy the Widget code

Step 4. Paste the code to your Olitt website

On a new tab, log in  to your olitt account

Click websites on the left sidebar menu. Find the edit option  under the  site actions 

Of the website on which you want to make the changes.

Access Open block button and then Drag and drop widget to any location on your website

Click on the the widget and then paste the code under the setting button

B. Retrieving the Widget code when already Logged in to account

Step 1: Log in to dashboard

Step 2. Navigate to Settings on the header menu 

Step 3: Locate the  widget code within the Chat Widget section

Step 4: Paste the Code on the olitt website as shown below

Step 5. Visit the live website to check whether it is working


Your site is now integrated with

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