How to integrate YouTube with your Olitt website

Youtube is a video sharing platform managed by Google. Youtube enables users to upload videos to their account that are viewed by the public. Youtube hosts massive video content and users can reference this content to their sites, blogs or mobile application. The youtube videos are often displayed in third-party […]

How to embed Facebook post to your Olitt website

Facebook posts are messages that are sent on special delivery. Usually, the user writes content on their page or wall and the message is visible to the followers. Sharing these posts may help you expand your business territory or reach a greater target group. Facebook provides an API that you […]

How to add a Facebook share button to your Olitt website

Facebook is a social media heavyweight that enables individuals to interact and exchange information online. Usually, you can add the Facebook share button to your site that links to your Facebook account. You clients can write a story or news feed and share in different modes provided in the dropdown […]

How To Add SlideShow To Your Olitt Website

SlideShow recycles element either vertically or horizontally.  Olitt enables you to add the horizontally sliding images to your site through the slideshow integration. You can add up to a maximum of 5 images. Slideshow helps you maximize the space on your site while creating a great impression to your site […]

How to integrate Twitter with your Olitt website

Twitter is one of the social media giants that offer short messages commonly known as tweets. This platform has millions of registered users exchanging information daily. This platform easily integrates with other services such as websites. Often, users consume their services through browser or mobile application. They provide an API […]

How to integrate PayPal with your Olitt Website

In the past decade, PayPal has emerged as an outstanding payment gateway which accepts several currencies. It offers easy integration with mobile payments and banks. Users can link their PayPal account to their respective banks using their bank routing number and bank account number. It helps businesses expand their market […]

How To Integrate Flutterwave With Your Olitt Website.

Flutterwave is one of the most trusted payment gateways. This platform easily integrates with mobile payment gateways such as MPESA and other pan-African banks. Flutterwave is widely accepted with any offices across Africa including Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, SA, Nigeria etc. Flutterwave provides APIs to enable businesses and developers to easily […]